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If you are starting a new career or if you’re an industry veteran, the Vantage Mortgage & Realty Group has the resources and tools for your continued success.

The Vantage Mortgage & Realty Group is a full service Mortgage and Real Estate Agency proudly servicing the province of Quebec since 2004. Our goal is to offer our specialty in both mortgage and real estate services so that any transaction can be completed under one roof.

Whether you specialize in mortgages or real estate, at Vantage you have a counterpart that can work with you to maximize your level of service to assist your clients in all their needs.

Many potential deals get overlooked because brokers don’t have the tools they need to solicit their services because it is not their area of expertise. At Vantage, we have experts in mortgage financing and real estate having both sides of the equation of a real estate transaction. Whether you practice Real Estate or you are a Mortgage Broker, never lose or turn down a deal again from the other side. Put that money back in your pocket where it belongs.

In addition to our in-house tools and resources, through our vast external network of notaries, building inspectors, evaluators, lawyers, accountants and financial planners, you will be able to provide the best conditions to meet your client’s requirements.


Bringing our experience to work together with you, the Vantage Mortgage & Realty Group is a proud Member of the VERICO Mortgage Broker Network.

The VERICO Mortgage Broker Network prides itself on professionalism, excellence, and ethical standards and as a result, VERICO has earned a reputation that is coveted in the industry.

VERICO creates a partnership between lenders and mortgage brokers that created mutual opportunities for success.

With over 200 independently owned and operated mortgage brokerage firms like VANTAGE nationwide, 2400+ agents, and over $12 billion in annual loan production, VERICO is comprised of the most professional and influential mortgage companies and lenders in the country.

Collectively as a whole the VERICO network has set the industry standard and allows us to positioned ourselves as the brand of choice for lenders and consumers alike.

VERICO Brokers get award winning tools, services, and more lender accessibility than any Super broker or Franchise.


VERICO Dynamics

VERICO Dynamics is a next generation business management tool built specifically for Canadian mortgage brokers.

It encompasses the mortgage process in its entirety from Leads Management to Transaction Management to Customer Relationship Management.

Nurture your leads, manage your mortgage transactions and talk to your past customers all from one place - your VERICO Dynamics dashboard. Intuitive automation and integration with D+H increases your efficiency and effectiveness at the prospecting, processing, and promotion stages of the mortgage business cycle.


VERICO tools are a suite of fully customizable marketing material, mobile apps, blogs, newsletters etc. Whether you are meeting with clients or referral sources, VERICO Tools will make you be a professional.


Create your own website. VERICO offers free websites to all Vantage mortgage team members. All you need to do is create your profile and your website will be instantaneously created with over 10 templates to choose from.

You click this link to see an example: http://verisite.ca/sidneylevy

VERICO Academy

Top professionals keep current with VERICO’s library of training seminars and videos. VERICO Academy also features a full schedule of live webinars, VERICO peers sharing best practices and various industry participants.

At The Vantage Mortgage and Realty Group, we will build your future together....

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