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About Vantage Real Estate

Vantage Realty Group is a full service Mortgage & Real Estate Agency with our office located in St-Laurent Quebec.

The company was founded by Zvi Marmor & Sid Levy in April 2004 as a mortgage brokerage firm. After several years serving clients in the greater Montreal area and learning both sides of the real estate market, we have incorporated our extensive background in finance to real estate transactions. Through our experience in mortgage financing, we have developed the skill and ability to valuate property and sell homes.

Our network of trained agents can do both real estate and mortgage transactions however many are just focused on real estate and use the tools we provide to aid in pre-approvals to help you find your dream home or help you sell your house by insuring that your buyer is qualified and can afford to close the deal saving you valuable time.

Our specialties include residential & multi-unit (MUR) investment properties. Due to the methods that banks use in evaluating Multi-Unit residential properties (Economic vs Market Value), we developed a thorough analysis of estimating the economic value and forecast the returns over a 5 year period to make certain you maximize your investment opportunities.

Whether you are buying or selling, Vantage has the right agent for you!